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Testimonials"I recently purchased a Twiddle for my husband who is 64 and has Alzheimer's disease. He is now living at the Newton Wellesley Center for Alzheimer's Care in Wellesley, MA. I love to watch him manipulate the Twiddle, and I believe many of the residents there would benefit from having a Twiddle as many of them are wheelchair bound and just sit all day."
— Patti Tocci

Testimonials"The Occupational Therapist who manages both departments and I met today and she wanted me to share that we use your Twiddle for:
  • Distraction from anxious thoughts
  • Anger management - the break apart ability is a fantastic feature
  • Helping for focus to enhance learning during stressful situations
  • Distress tolerance skill for Dialectal behavior therapy (self-harm), changing patterns of behavior
  • And promotes self-regulation
She also identified that the youth/teen patients have been requesting the Twiddle Fidgets in advance of parent meetings, school lessons and clinical discussions, as they are now aware of the distraction and impact they provide."
— Susan, Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health

TestimonialsHello. I have found the twiddle to be an incredible tool for the youth I homeschool. Whether it's using it will sitting and listening to a story or being able to fidget with it while doing their work, it has been one of the best tools I've come across.
— R. Goddard

TestimonialsI have a Twiddle personally and I LOVE it! I love my fidgets and I keep my pink twiddle in my purse!
— B. Jarrett

TestimonialsAs an OT, Twiddle is an incredible tool for kids with autism. After watching kids of all ages interact with it, I found that it helped them focus and problem solve.
— A. Van Asten OT

"The Best New Fidget Toy"

Brain Child Award Winner


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